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Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Which is why there are dozens of opportunities for students to explore and develop their leadership potential at Upper Iowa University.

Whether it’s taking courses, leading a group of students, participating in our Leadership Series or simply learning to live a life of character and integrity, the opportunities for students to learn and lead are there for the taking! Check out the various leadership opportunities and programs below and come back here often for up-to-date news and events about developing your leadership potential!

Student Leadership Positions

Residence Life

  • Summer Resident Assistants (6) – Involves students spending their summer working with Residence Life to help prepare for the upcoming academic year
  • Resident Assistant (16) – Act as a floor communicator, listener, programmer, administrator and a positive role model for the students on their floor. Lead RA opportunities available.


  • Student Ambassadors (37) – Student must be at least a sophomore in a good standing with the university. The applicant’s GPA must be at least a 2.5. Strong oral communication skills are necessary. Those interested must apply and interview for the position. Ambassadors show prospective students what UIU has to offer.
  • Student Calling Team (18) – Students contact high school students who are potentially interested in attending UIU
  • Student Assistants (7) – Students assisting admission counselors
  • Student Panel on Visit Days (6) – Share experiences with visiting students


  • Student Orientation Assistants (15) – Current Upper Iowa students assist in the orientation process. Application process begins in April.
  • Student Sessions (5) – Present to incoming students about the university and their personal experience


  • Library Committee (3) – Need students with an interest in improving the library who can also represent the diversity of the school

Dining Services

  • Food Committee (4) – Students with a meal plan to assist Dining Services in planning food and other related topics
  • Catering Intern (1) – Internship involved in Campus Dining Catering


  • Peacock Alumni for Student Traditions or PAST (5) – This student group has a president, vice president, secretary, public relations, and Student Government officer. PAST promotes UIU alumni events and issues (including Homecoming) around Fayette Campus. The president and vice president are responsible for leading this organization.
  • Phone-a-thon (10) – Students call alumni to raise money for scholarships. Two phone-a-thons per year. Paid position.
  • Alumni & Advancement Internships (8)
    • Marketing & Fundraising (1) – Student business major who is in charge of implementing and strategizing fundraising for the Alumni office
    • Communications (1) – Student communications major who is in charge of creating the newsletter that is sent to alumni, faculty and staff
    • Graphic Design (2) – Student graphic design majors who design the “tradition” book for students
    • Research & Events (1) – Student who helps research facts about UIU and UIU alumni, and coordinates homecoming activities
    • Video Production (2) – Student communication majors who are experienced in video production prior. Develop videos involving other students about UIU and campus life.
    • Video Marketing (1) – Marketing major who recruits students to be in Alumni & Advancement videos. Markets videos to alumni, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Peacock Philanthropy (5)

International Programs

  • International Ambassadors (10) – Serve as a mentor and tutor to Intensive English Program (IEP) students
  • International House Assistant (1) – Student who volunteers at the International House
  • International Student Association (ISA) Officers (5) – Students lead organization that represents different nations and cultures on campus. This student group has a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and event planner.

Campus Security

  • Campus Security Committee (2) – Student attends monthly meetings to improve and promote safety on the Upper Iowa campus
  • Parking Appeals Committee (1) – Students meet with campus security to review appeals and make decisions on parking violations

Tutor Center

  • Math Tutors (6) – Assist students with homework and studying in the Tutor Center (work study)
  • Writing Tutors (11) – Assist students with writing and proofreading papers (work study)
  • Business Tutors (3) – Assist others in studying business
  • Science Tutors (2) – Assist students with homework and studying in science
  • Peer Assisted Learning Leaders – Students retake classes that they succeeded in to help other students. Generally for difficult classes. PAL Leaders hold study sessions for tests. Number varies each term.


  • Peacock Entertainment Crew Officers (3) – Members conduct activities available to other students. Students serve both as work study and PEC.
  • Greek Programs (40) – Officers (elected by organization) are responsible for programming and spending for their particular organization
  • Greek Council (13) – Determine policy for Greek Life on campus
  • Clubs and Organizations (75) – Officers (elected by organization) are responsible for programming and spending for their particular organization
  • Student Drivers (6) – Drive students to various events using a university vehicle
  • Wellness & Leadership (3) – Students assist the Graduate Assistant of Wellness & Leadership (work study)
  • Student Activities (7) – Students assist the Student Activities Director (work study)

Student Government

  • Student Government (5) – Representatives of the student body make decisions to improve student life. Officers include a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and academic extension officer
  • Student Government Club Representatives (64) – Students represent their respective club at Student Government meetings

Office of the President

  • Student Assistant to the President (1) – Work study student assists University President and staff with various tasks
  • Strategic Plan Committees (3) – Student representatives serve on committees devoted to each strategic plan the university has developed
  • Board of Trustee (1) – Student Body President representing the students on the Board of Trustees
  • President Office Work Study (1) – Student in charge of helping with anything in the president’s office

Honors and Awards

  • Honors and Awards Committee (2)- Two seniors serve on the Honors and Awards Committee

Wellness Strategies

  • Wellness Strategies Assistant (22) – Attend Wellness Strategies classes to help freshman make the transition to college life


  • Teacher Education Committee (3) – Education major represents students in assisting faculty in deciding criteria and curriculum for classes


  • Assistant Director of Student Health (2) – Work study student assists OSD staff in promoting wellness-related issues and events
  • Substance Use Education Prevention (30+) – Committee of students involved in spreading awareness of substance use and abuse
  • Substance Use Education Prevention Subcommittee- (3) – Subcommittee of three students who are in charge of leading the substance use education prevention committee

Community Service

  • Alternative Spring Break (20) – Involves students spending their spring break helping those in need in various locations each year
  • Peacocks for Progress (7) – Involved students volunteer their time throughout the year serving UIU, Fayette and surrounding communities in various projects. Officers include a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, outreach, and a Student Government representative. Peacocks for Progress.
  • Fayette Appreciation Day Committee (30) – Students involved in organizing and executing Fayette Appreciation Day in the spring
  • Civic Engagement Student Manager (1) – Student in charge of helping organize community service and outreach projects (work study)


  • Assistant to the Director of Leadership & Adventure (1) – Student coordinates and promotes events through the office of leadership and adventure (work study)
  • Leadership Series Coordinator (1) – Student coordinates leadership series events

Outdoor Pursuits

  • Outdoor Pursuits Work Study (6) – Work study students assist UIU students in distributing outdoor equipment and leading various outdoor activities. Includes one work study who manages Outdoor Pursuits.
  • Intramurals (9) – Students in intramurals work study are responsible for conducting and officiating intramural events throughout the year, including Tournament Tuesday. Includes one lead Intramurals work study.


  • Team Captains (13) – Each sport has student leaders to guide and represent the team
  • Rec Center Supervisor (7) – Students in charge of managing Rec Center (Work Study)
  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee (30) – Students involved in organizing any projects or service events through the athletic programs. Discusses how to handle any conflicts involving athletic programs or events

Office of Student Development

  • OSD Award Winners – Refer to OSD Award Winners listed on pamphlet
  • Student Leadership Work Study (1) – Assists with tasks regarding student leadership.
  • Student Development Committee (3)- Students in charge of making suggestions involving the student body and student development
  • Assistant to the Dean of Students (1)- Student who helps the Dean of Students with projects related to the Office of Student Development
  • Assistant to the Administrative Assistant (1)- Assists in computer work and scheduling in the Office of Student Development

Print Shop

  • Graphic Designer (1) – Student who is able to design publications for the use of communication and functions
  • Print Shop Work Study (1) – Student who helps manage print shop
  • Book Worker (1) – Assist with billing and general bookwork in the University Print Shop

Academic Success

  • Academic Success Intern (1) – Internship working with the Director of Academic Success

Counseling Services

  • Counseling Intern (8) – Two students per session. Students help the Director of Counseling

Office of Communications and Marketing

  • OCM regularly employs both work-study and non-work-study students in paid positions (total of 3) that focus in one or more of the following areas: graphic design, writing, and/or photography/videography. OCM will also consider students who desire to fulfill an unpaid (course credit) internship in one of these or a related skill set.